Guy’s Undercut Haircut Is Awesome!


Guy’s Undercut Haircut Is Awesome!-Hey guys, step out of the box and live a little. An undercut haircut doesn’t have to be dramatic looking, as the one in the photo. It can still be edgy and hot with a shorter top and less wave. The facial hair is your call, but as the Undercut Haircut photo shows, a little facial hair adds sexy to the look.

What is the undercut? The simplest way to describe the hairstyle would be short sides and long top. The beauty of the undercut is both the simplicity and the amount of variation it has. No matter what hair type you have, be it straight or curly, there exists an undercut style for you.

Undercuts can be split into two main categories. Disconnected and Faded:

  • A disconnected undercut is when the sides are much shorter than the top to the point there is a sharp contrast between the two. The sides are also only one length.
  • A faded undercut has the sides blending into the longer top, so there is varying lengths until you eventually reach the top of your hair.

Today, the undercut has become by far the most popular men’s hairstyles for guys that like to look good. Book your appointment with Margy Sheppard online or call 919-257-9007 today!