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Keratherapy Smoothing Treatment M2 Salon Durham NC

Keratherapy Smoothing Treatment M2 Salon Durham NC-A little background from M2 Salon, Durham, NC on Keratherapy.

Keratherapy was founded in South Florida, home to both bold fashion and epic humidity that can make the hair appear frizzy, unruly and unhealthy. Keratherapy’s experts developed treatments using natural keratin chemistry to tame wild hair, quickly and easily; giving it a smooth, natural, luxurious look even in the most challenging environments.

Keratherapy’s Keratin treatments have been proven worldwide to not just provide a quick transformation into smooth, touchable hair, but to maintain that look for months at a time. Best news yet, keratherapy and hair color, highlights etc… is not a problem! Hair with blonde color may lighten a little bit after a Keratherapy treatment.

Every Keratherapy product contains their unique, proprietary Kerabond Technology® delivery system. Kerabond ensures that keratin, which has been ‘bonded’ with each product’s specific amino-acids, nutrients and botanicals is delivered to the areas of the hair where they are needed most. The result is strong, healthy hair that is frizz-free, shiny, smooth, manageable and humidity resistant.

Keratherapy products go beyond other professional salon treatments and provide a complete line of aftercare hair products to maintain that smooth, healthy look for months at a time.

M2 Salon’ s clients love this revolutionary hair therapy that eliminates up to 95% of frizz and curl. It instantly adds amazing shine, silkiness and conditioning to the hair. It lasts up to 5 months and is perfect for all hair types. Contact Margy Sheppard Owner and Stylist for pricing.

Look forward to seeing you in the Salon soon! Online booking is available via M2 Salon’s Appointment Scheduling page.

Wavy Bob Hairstyle!

Wavy Bob Hairstyle M2 Salon Durham NC– I love a wavy bob! If you want to get a hairstyle that will never become dated, that is certainly a wavy bob. And if you choose to combine it with a a fabulous Calura base color and highlights, your hair will look like a dream. There’s a perfect bob for every face shape and hair type,










Waves give your hair more texture and volume. There are tons of short hair, medium lentght hair and long hair bob styles. Margy at M2 Salon, Durham, NC., will be happy to discuss what your thinking  and offer advice on what best suits your face shape!

Call or Book Online (see Appointments Page) Today with Margy. Availability for new-first time clients is limited.

Have a Great Hair Day!

Have a great hair day-Margy Sheppard, Owner and Stylist, at M2 Salon in Durham, Nc wants to make sure every day is a great hair day for you.  Have A Great Hair Day-m2salon-durham-nc-

Unsure about what color, style, texturizing choice you should make? Contact Margy at or  919-257-9007. She’ll be happy to help you make some decisions and get your appointment booked. If you already your choices made and a specific style in mind just  Book Online! it’s so easy and the link can be found on our appointments page here on the website.

Thank you for considering M2 Salon, Durham, NC. We look forward to seeing you!