Is Your Hair Vacation Ready?

Who wouldn’t want to look their best on vacation? Those photos live on forever in our hearts and on all of our favorite social media site! 🙂


Bring your hairstylist up to speed by proactively telling her/him when your vacations and big summer events are. Explain that you need some help to look your best for all your summer adventures. Experienced hairstylist like Margy Sheppard at M2 Salon in Morrisville will suggest services and scheduling to help achieve that beautiful summer hair goal.

Whether you are going to the beach or for a fun time in New York City, you’ll want a look that is hassle free…and how many times have you read about a hairstyle in a magazine thinking, “Oh, finally something cute and hassle free I can see myself wearing this summer”? Then you flip the page and realize you’ll need a curling iron, a hairspray and an awful lot of time to make it happen!

Hair professionals like Margy are ready to listen and plan your summer look with you. She knows that a summer hairstyle needs to be simple to create and involve the least amount of heat and styling products possible. Check in at M2 Salon in Morrisville, and get a fabulous summer style along with professional tips that ought to help you rock your new wonderful, cute, sexy summer look! Book your appointment today.