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Get the 411 on New 911 Quinoa Hair Care Products Collection

New 911 Quinoa Hair Care Products Collection-The new 911 Quinoa Hair Care Products Collection is now available at M2 Salon in Morrisville, NC! Okay, you know you’ve heard of Quinoa?! Quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah) is a flowering plant in the amaranth family. It is an herbaceous annual plant grown as a crop primarily for its seeds that are rich in protein, B vitamins, and minerals.So, of course, anything that rich in protein has to be great for hair. Right? Absolutely!


Biotop Professional’s 911 Quinoa hair care product collection nourishes and restores hair from within, giving dry, damaged and lifeless hair an energetic boost thanks to 10%+ pure quinoa extracts. Using pure quinoa extracts, vitamin E, essential oils and pure water, each product from this series has been specially formulated to treat dry, damaged or brittle hair. Each product protects and strengthens hair, imparting impeccable shine and an unbeatable healthy glow. My clients are experiencing improved hair growth, hair shine and fullness. It truly acts as a restorative, repairing damaged hair!

note: Biotop Professional’s products are not tested on animals.

An absolute favorite is the Nutritive Shampoo formula with quinoa extract vitamin E, macadamia and argan oil, for damaged and lifeless hair. The creamy, reparative shampoo cleanses the hair while providing optimal nutrition and moisture. Free of paraben, sodium chloride, and SLS/SLES.

  • Proudly performs on all hair types: Zero fragrance allergens

  • Also safe for wigs, weaves, and extensions

Conditioner 911 Quinoa is the best conditioning treatment for damaged and lifeless hair.Contains quinoa extract, vitamins, coconut and argan oil that restore health, strength, moisture and help tame frizz and repair breakage. Free of paraben, sodium chloride, and SLS/SLES.

Grab the hair oil treatment for strength, revitalization and healthy glow. This extraordinary oil-to-foam treatment uses keratin, vitamin E, B5 and castor oil to rebuild, hydrate and nourish damaged, lifeless hair, creating sumptuously soft, brilliantly shiny locks. For best results, use once a week.

It’s all available at M2 Salon, Morrisville, NC!

Oligo Professional Hair Products Available At M2Salon!

Oligo Professional Hair Products Available At M2Salon-The vision for Oligo Professionnel Hair Products was—and remains—the crafting of healthier and safer salon exclusive products which are developed with patience and care. The complex and highly sophisticated technologies used in the Oligo Professionnel series have been tested and re-tested, delivering the kind of performance, reliability, consistency, and excellence only true dedication can provide!


I love having Oligo Products in the Salon (see below). Everything from their ammonia-free color line for cool blondes, intense reds, and amazing brunettes (Calura), and their state of the art lightening system (Blacklight) that works in concert with the hair care products…And a special woo hoo for Blacklight and regular Oligo Professional shampoos, conditioners, and Color Lock color preserver. These retail products are a game changer for keeping your hair shiny and healthy. My clients rave about these products!

Oligo Calura Cleanser Moisture Balance Shampoo. Lets your colour shine a long time. Lather in this rich, perfectly balanced moisture cleanser to extend your hair’s colour and revitalize shine. Vegan, Paraben free, Gluten free, Sulfate free, No artificial colours, colour safe.

Oligo Calura Conditioner Moisture Balance Revitalisant. Give your hair a healthy balance. Use after our Moisture Balance Cleanser to detangle, balance and moisturize your hair—while extending your colour and natural shine! Vegan, Paraben free, Gluten free, Sulfate free, No artificial colours, colour safe.

Oligo Calura Primer Perfecting Detangling Conditioning. Perfect hair, every time. A few spritzes of this weightless mist will deliver 11 benefits to your hair and get it ready for styling. Just apply to clean, damp hair to detangle, protect, control static, and restore all your hair’s glorious shine.Vegan, Paraben free, Gluten free, Sulfate free, No artificial colours, colour safe.

Oligo Calura Shaping Spray Flex Finish Hairspray 14oz/395ml Shape up! This shaping spray delivers gloriously flexible hair for the perfect polished look. Plus, it features the Flip 360 technology allowing you to spray from any angle for ultimate coverage. Vegan, Paraben free, Gluten free, Sulfate free, No artificial colours, colour safe.

Call me or email me. I’d be happy to talk with you about why I use Oligo Productsat M2 Salon, Morrisville, NC.

Beautiful Blonde Balayage!

Beautiful Blonde Balayage-This lovely client requested an appointment for blonde balayage. Absolutely thrilled with how this balayage hand painted color treatment turned out. Used Oligio Pro Blacklight and Calura gloss, styled out into gorgeous waves. For an appointment Email: or call 919-257-9007. Online scheduling on this site’s APPOINTMENTS page is available.