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Wavy Bob Hairstyle!

Wavy Bob Hairstyle M2 Salon Durham NC– I love a wavy bob! If you want to get a hairstyle that will never become dated, that is certainly a wavy bob. And if you choose to combine it with a a fabulous Calura base color and highlights, your hair will look like a dream. There’s a perfect bob for every face shape and hair type,










Waves give your hair more texture and volume. There are tons of short hair, medium lentght hair and long hair bob styles. Margy at M2 Salon, Durham, NC., will be happy to discuss what your thinking  and offer advice on what best suits your face shape!

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FUNKHUE PINK M2 Salon Durham NC – Hair Color Specialist Margy Sheppard at M2 Salon uses Oligo Pro FUNKHUE for all of her fun semi-permanent hair color options. Below, we’re showing one of Margy’s clients after a recent FUNKHUE Pink semi-permanent color application. How fun is this?!funk-hue-pink-hair-m2-salon-durham-nc-website

Sometimes you just want to think outside the natural hair color box and mix it up with a rainbow hue. Margy says that FUNKHUE shades are all the rage, appointment requests are up dramatically; scroll through social media and you’ll see exactly what she means. Margy’s take is that the nice thing about dipping into a more dramatic dye is that options such as FUNKHUE are semi-permanent, which means it will gradually fade over the course of several weeks/shampoos. Think of it as an option to go bold, without having to make any kind of serious color commitment!

Margy strongly recommends consulting with a hair color professional to help avoid crazy color mistakes!!! This isn’t self promotion, but advice based on experience. She says to keep in mind that the base shade you’re starting with will definitely affect the end result; generally speaking, bright tones work best on bleached or blonde hair. (If you’re starting with a darker color, you may want to consider lightening it first, or seeking out formulas specifically made for brunettes.)

From Oligo Pro:
Define Funky: fashionable in an unusual and noticeable way.
Define Hue: a degree of lightness, darkness or strength of a color.
Combine them to get a fun and fierce line offering many shades of semi-permanent hair color!

Are you contemplating or ready to book a semi-permanent hair color option? Contact Margy Sheppard via Email: or call 919-257-9007. Ask your questions and reserve your appointment for FUNKHUE PINK at M2 Salon Durham NC!

Balayage Durham NC Hair Salon

Balayage M2 Salon Durham NC Hair Salon-What is balayage? Simply put, balayage is a highlighting technique that doesn’t use foils. Instead, I will hand-paint color directly onto your hair, creating more natural, blended, sun-kissed color.


Lowmaintenance: Because the lightened strokes are painted on so softly to achieve that natural look, they leave no trace of harsh, blunt lines or obvious regrowth, allowing for more time between your appointments. Your roots will also grow in more softly than they would with foil highlights.

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