Advice On Blonde Highlights Durham NC M2 Salon

Advice On Blonde Highlights Durham NC M2 Salon-Spring is the time to retouch those grown out highlights! It’s also that time of year to blend in some additional highlights to give that sun-kissed look to your hair. At M2 Salon, Durham, NC. Margy Sheppard, Owner and awesome Stylist receives many questions on tips for keeping your highlights looking natural, your hair healthy, and your beauty budget in check.


Before we begin, let us just say that the No.1 tip is to leave it to a professional. If you want professional-looking highlights, you’re going to have to pay for them. That said, I have a few suggestions to keep in mind before, during, and after your visit to the salon. Here’s how to keep your color bright and your roots in check…

Know the Key to Good Color
Step one of developing your own personal hairstyle is leaving the over-processed look behind and embracing a much more natural look when it comes to hair coloring. A rule of thumb is that your hair looks best when it’s closer to its natural color and texture. Embrace what your mother gave you, and then work to enhance it—not change it. Margy is an expert colorist you can work with and trust, have faith in her professional opinion.

Stretch Your Budget
At M2 Salon, you’ll realize having a professional such as Margy handle your highlights, will actually result in a longer stretch of time between salon visits. Saving you money & keeping you beautiful. Six to eight weeks is the standard amount of time between salon visits, when you utilize a professional colorist. Lastly, Margy will recommend using a toning gloss to seal in the color and make it last longer. This (along with a color care shampoo and conditioner at home) will prevent your color from looking dull as the weeks go by.

Maintain Healthy Hair
Lightening your hair automatically puts it in more fragile territory. If you have color treated hair, it is a good idea to avoid styling products that have a lot of alcohol in them, like many hair sprays. Alcohol will dry out your hair and leach out the color. Margy also recommends using use a heat-protecting product when you’re blowing out, curling, or straightening your hair.

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