Gray Hair Blending With Highlights

Gray Hair Blending With Highlights– At M2 Salon in Morrisville, NC., Margy Sheppard Hairstylist/Owner Operator understands coloring gray hair. In this photo, Margy has just completed a process called Gray Hair Blending with Blonde Highlights.


Margy did highlights with between two and four shades of blonde (how light can depend on the season) to get a result that not only achieves the client’s color goals, but also looks amazing! With highlighting, you can achieve beautiful gray blending. Because not every hair is colored (like it is in a single process) you don’t get as much gray coverage – hence “gray blending.” The great thing about gray blending is the minimal maintenance – you can extend your salon visits to every 8 to 10 weeks! If you don’t mind some of your gray showing, this might be the perfect option for you.

So, love your gray hair with some blonde highlight blending. To get the look, Email: or call 919-257-9007. Online scheduling on this site’s APPOINTMENTS page is also available!

Just do it 🙂