Beige Blonde Hair Highlights

Beige Blonde Hair Highlights-Spring into your warm weather look by toning down blonde hair highlights which may have been over processed during the chilly months. There is nothing natural looking about highlights which are too brassy, orange or bleachy blonde 🙂 Don’t despair Margy Sheppard, M2 Salon Hair Stylist has the solution with Beige Blonde Hair Highlights!


It’s a beautiful blending with the darker tones of your hair. Over the sunny days of Spring and Summer, the beige/blonde highlights will lighten up, giving your hair a fun summer lightened look. It will look so incredibly natural!

Get this look by contacting Margy Sheppard at M2 Salon in Morrisville, NC today via Email: or call 919-257-9007. Online scheduling on this site’s APPOINTMENTS page is also available.