Getting A Haircut With Bangs

Getting A Haircut With Bangs at M2 Salon NC-Whether bangs are heavy or wispy, long or cropped, they play an important role in the look of your haircut, since they can define not only your hairstyle, but your face shape and look in whole.


With all their versatility side bangs are very popular today. Any face shape can benefit from side bangs. You will only need to vary their length, thickness and finish.
You’ve probably noticed that many red carpet hairstyles today are paired with side bangs. They can be stylish and seductive, versatile and quite convenient. Long bangs can be styled into a fancy side wave or simply straight on a slant to skim your cheekbone.
If you feel quite happy with your current hairstyle and don’t want to change it fundamentally, try getting some bangs. Margy Finegan Sheppard Owner & Hairstylist at M2 Salon in Morrisville, NC , believes it always wise to ask your hairstylist if he/she thinks the change would be flattering.

Margy says there are a couple of things to keep in mind about the different types/lengths of bangs:

  • Bangs on a slant. These can elongate your face, make your cheekbones appear more delicate and suit short and medium haircuts. Besides, with bangs on a slant you can easily conceal a high forehead.
  • Long bangs swept to one side. It’s a very versatile type. Short haircuts with long side bangs look chic and eccentric. Medium hairstyles with such bangs acquire added femininity and refinement. With wavy hair you may not flat iron your long bangs. It’s enough to convey them a cute bent.
  • Side choppy bangs. Bangs cut chaotically with jagged edges create fun texture and nice volume. They match short-to-medium lengths perfectly. Choppy bangs with defined pieces look great in messy hairstyles.
  • Short side bangs. These do not cover the eyes and flatter girls with perfect face and neck contours. Short bangs look the best with short asymmetric haircuts.

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