Get A Curly Hairstyle For 2013

Get A Curly Hairstyle For 2013 – It’s a New Year and many of us are looking for a little change in hairstyle to liven things up a bit.

2013 curly hairstyle

Give some consideration to transitioning to a curly hairstyle! Curly hair will always soften facial features, while bumping up your look to something a bit more trendy and feminine. Here are just a few suggestions on length of cut and type of curls:

  • Shake things up with a wedge cut between your chin and your shoulders. Add in a few side and back curls to soften the effect.
  • A layered shoulder-length cut (think Vanessa Hudgens) works well for all types of curls, from loose waves to ringlets, since it doesn’t weigh down hair. The best layered cuts frame the face and keep curls bouncy, not heavy.
  • Do you have natural textured hair? Innovations Salon suggests setting natural textured hair around skinny curl rods to get flirty ringlets.
  • Have a special occasion or event? Cascading, tendril-like curls accessorize an updo and soften facial features.
  • Try a chin-skimming curly bob hairstyle. This shorter style will ‘lift’ your face and result in a more youthful look.
  • For those with longer hair (below the shoulder line) try soft spiral curls with a wide side-part and then sweep hair over one shoulder.

It’s 2013 and time for a change. So hit the Innovations Salon link and schedule your appointment for a new soft curly girl look today. If you’re still hesitant and unsure, just talk with a hair stylist at Innovations Salon for advice on a new curly look that would be right for you!