Dip Dying Hair

Dip Dying Hair – Thinking about a Dip Dye process for your hair? The hair color experts at Innovations Salon in Durham NC can make this new bold look happen for you.

Dip Dye Hair

Dip Dye hair used to be limited to people who were grunge kids or ‘scene’ girls and guys, but this hair color look has gone from being underground to a mainstream trend!

Attempting to Dip Dye your own hair can be fraught with peril and awfully messy. To make sure you achieve the maximum results and the hottest look with your new hair color, make sure you consult with the professionals at Innovations Salon in Durham. Here are a few things to consider from Innovations’ color experts:

1. If you currently color your hair, the sections you wish to Dip Dye will have to be stripped of the dyed color. Folks with natural hair color will be skipping this step.
2. A good hair colorist will always do a strand test, just to make sure you don’t have an adverse reaction to the dye.
3. Your hair color expert will section your hair prior to dip dying according to the look you wish to achieve.

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