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Bridal Hairstyles | Wedding Hairstyles Durham NC – Innovations Hair Salon in Durham NC knows that styling hair for a wedding or formal affair is very different from casual everyday styling.

Bridal Hair Wedding Hairstyles Durham NC

The hair stylists at Innovations Hair Salon in Durham NC are experienced and knowledgeable in the techniques that bridal or formal event styling requires. With their experience, they can create the most beautiful look for your wedding day.

To create the perfect bridal hairstyle, they will always ask Your Wishes First! You need to feel beautiful and comfortable with yourself. They will take into account the quality of your hair ( long, short, fine, thick, curly, straight ) the head- piece you have chosen, style and neckline of your dress, size of jewelry you’ll be wearing, and other considerations.

Here are some bridal or formal event hair tips, tricks and trendy ideas from the incredible hair stylists at Innovations Hair Salon:

    To make your hair look it’s best in photos, your hair needs to reflect the light, and nothing helps do that better than glossing cream. Glossing cream is the ‘go to’ product for a bride having her picture taken for the big event. If you have highlights, it makes them shinier; if you have curls, it gives them more definition. All you need is a drop.
    Innovations Hair Salon stylists say “For a wedding, sometimes the simplest look is best.” Don’t overload your hairstyle with too many accessories or make your head heavy. It is distracting in pictures and takes away from your overall silhouette.
    Hot rollers give great volume in just ten minutes, and a curling iron is amazing, because it can add curls or redefine them. Plus, the iron shines the hair as well, which is ideal for a wedding hairstyle and those important touch-ups throughout the event.
    Innovations Hair Stylists love what they call the Jennifer Lopez: Big hair pulled back into a ponytail. Keep it tight to your head, and add some extension to the ponytail to make it very thick and very smooth. It’s always an elegant choice.
    The bombshell 1930s look is in demand and very pretty: Sexy, smooth hair with a slight finger wave on top and a loose, soft curl on the bottom—and, of course, a very dramatic side part.
    Don’t feel like you have to stick to a conventional, traditional bridal look if it doesn’t really suit you. Embrace your own signature style, and dare to pick a strong look that belongs entirely to you.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic updo, a simple knot, french twist, hair extensions or want to replicate a red carpet or runway look, we have hairstyle ideas and expertise to suit every type of bride. Hit the link or call 919-361-2651 today to book your bridal hair styling appointment with the experienced team at Innovations Hair Salon in Durham, NC.

Bridal Hair | Wedding Hairstyles Durham NC.