10 Tips for Gorgeous Summer Hair from Innovations Salon in Durham NC

10 Tips for Gorgeous Summer Hair from Innovations Salon in Durham NC –  Do you want to have great hair this summer? We all do, but with sunning, swimming and all the humidity, it can get dull and frizzy during those dog days. Here are some super hair care tips from Innovations Salon in Durham NC to help you keep those lovely locks tame all summer long!!

Tips For Gorgeous Summer Hair From Innovations Salon In Durham NC

Sesame oil is a natural UV filter. UV rays are the worst for sun damaging your hair. Rub the sesame oil on the ends of your hair before you hit the beach or pool. If you don’t want to put sesame oil on your hair, your Innovations Hair Salon hair stylist can recommend a shampoo and conditioner with UV blockers.  

We use sunscreen on our face and body, but we forget to spritz our scalp. Scalp damage will cause hair damage. Prevent this by spraying a little clear sunscreen where you part your hair, or rub a little lip balm with SPF there.

Wet your hair, before you get it wet! What? That’s right. If you plan to swim in the ocean or the pool, soak your hair with regular water first. The more non-damaging water you soak up, the less of the chlorine or salt water you will retain.

Summer Hair Care Innovations Salon Durham NC

Pack your diet with protein. Things like fish, chicken and nuts are essential to your diet and the protein they contain helps keep your hair strong and shiny!

Healthy Hair Recipe:
Mix 1/2 banana (that’s right ‘mash it up’), 2 tablespoons olive oil, and whisk in 2 egg whites; apply, wait 15 minutes, then rinse and shampoo.

Easy does it on the towel drying. After you wash your hair, wrap loosely in a towel. Do not rub your hair dry, rather let it air dry or blow dry gently. This will prevent frizzies!

Deep condition your hair weekly during the summer. This helps restore the moisture and keeps hair looking healthy. For tips on the best products to use consult your Innovations Salon hair stylist.

Sleep on silk! That’s right. A silk pillowcase is not only luxurious, it helps keep hair from breaking because of the smooth surface.

Rinse your hair with cool water after you have conditioned. This will allow the hair cuticles to lie flat and create a smooth shiny surface.

Cut off split ends every five weeks. Getting a trim by your experienced Innovations Salon hair stylist will eliminate split ends and keep hair looking great all summer long!

Do you have more Healthy Hair Tips for Summer? Innovations Salon would love to hear them. Please share!

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10 Tips for Gorgeous Summer Hair from Innovations Hair Salon in Durham NC.