Balayage Hair Highlighting M2 Salon Morrisville

Balayage Hair Highlighting M2 Salon Morrisville – Margy Finegan, Owner and Hair-stylist at M2 Salon in Morrisville, NC., has stepped up her hair highlights game by offering Blondor Freelights by Wella Professionals!


This is a Balayage hair highlighting technique, which is also called “hair painting,” that creates the most natural-looking results because Margy paints on the highlights by hand, and can scatter them throughout your hair in a more truly “sunkissed” and haphazard pattern. If you’re looking to brighten up your look with some highlights, it’s time to acquaint yourself with this increasingly popular balayage highlight technique. In major cities across America (yes, including celebrity hubs like New York City and Los Angeles), Balayage highlights have become just as popular, if not even more, than traditional foil highlighting. “Balayage used to be considered a specialty technique, but it is now the trend for the future because it is in such demand.” explains Margy.

While Margy loves offering both the traditional highlighting technique and Balayage to clients, she does see a bit more flexibility on where you want to place the highlights and the pattern can look more natural on certain base colors with Balayage.

The “painting” of the hair also creates a more natural-looking color. Margy says, “With balayage, I start painting the color on the upper midshaft which is where the sun naturally hits your hair the most. Then, I gently paint up to the roots, which makes the growth at the scalp look more gradual.”

If you’re in search of the grown-out ombre highlight effect, balayage is the way to go. It also has another added benefit: Longer lasting results. “Since the grow out at the roots isn’t as obvious, you can wait a little longer before getting a touch up,” she says. Foils usually require a visit to the salon every six to 8 weeks, but with balayage, a client can go eight to ten weeks or even a little longer.

However, if you have dark brown or black hair, balayage alone may not be the best option for you. “To lighten up dark hair, you need the heat from the foils to achieve a very light effect,” cautions Margy. “I sometimes like to use both techniques on a client to create a mix of bold and natural-looking highlights. It’s important to find a colorist who knows how to do both techniques to achieve balayage highlights on dark hair.” Margy advises, “They truly are different and it’s about choosing which one is good for you, as opposed to finding a colorist who just does one technique or the other.”

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Balayage Hair Highlighting M2 Salon Morrisville