Babylights 2015 Hair Color Trend

Babylights 2015 Hair Color Trend – Have you heard about Babylights the latest hair color trend for 2015? M2 Salon’s stylist Margy Finegan says “I think it’s a silly name, but I love the effect, think natural highlights with a smoother and more gradual change than ombré.” The term “babylights” refers to a technique of painting on highlights in smaller sections to mimic the effect of a child who spends her days playing in the sun.


At M2 Salon in Morrisville, NC, Margy Finegan is using babylights as a great way to introduce highlights and dimension into the hair. Her clients are thrilled with this easy to maintain highlighting techinique that requires little upkeep and allows natural grow-out. This is the hair look for 2015 for anyone that desires very subtle, natural-looking highlights.

Hairstylists across the country are predicting Babylights could be the most-requested hair look in 2015. The color technique allows for the majority of your hair color to still be your natural color, only adding delicate accents to create the look. In addition to the low-maintenance upkeep, you will love how a few of the well-placed babylights can make your existing style look healthier and more dynamic.

“To create the look, there are three areas I focus on: Your hairline, natural part, and the ends of the hair,” M2 Salon’s stylist Margy Finegan advises. “The highlights should be baby-fine around the hairline and in the crown, with a soft graduation of color that is two shades lighter at the ends.” If you are interested in talking to Margy about babylights or any other hair color technique, just call 919-257-9007!

Margy Finegan suggests that although babylights is just an enhancement of your own hair color tones, it doesn’t mean you can skimp on the after-color care. Swap your current shampoo and conditioner for color-safe versions, and invest in a heat-protective product to act as a shield against damage from flat irons, blow dryers and curling wands to prevent any premature fading.

Babylights 2015 Hair Color Trend available at M2 Salon!