Try Wanded Curls!

Try Wanded Curls-Adding wanded curls to any hairstyle automatically makes it feel more glamorous and put together. Whether you have short or long hair, Margy Sheppard at M2 Salon can style luscious curls to any length and making you look extra gorgeous.


If you’re tired of the kinks and lines that using a curling iron with a clamp produce, the curling wand will be your new friend! This wonderful heat tool works to curl your hair without clipping it in place, creating smooth, full, spirals. After watching a pro like Margy do your hair for the first time, you can try it at home. Making the transition to a curling wand from a regular curling iron can be difficult, but with a bit of practice you’ll soon have it down pat.





Irregardless of your wanded curl style here are some tips for a perfect wanded hair look that will last!

How to Style:

  • Prep blow dried hair with a thermal protectant.
  • Using a curling wand or one-inch curling iron, curl hair vertically in medium-sized sections away from face.
  • Continue working around head until all hair is curled.
  • Allow curls to cool and lightly mist with a flexible hold hairspray.
  • Gently finger comb through curls with fingers.
  • Finish style with another light mist of hairspray.

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