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Hair Highlights Color M2 Salon

Hair Highlights Color M2 Salon Morrisville Cary NC– Make your appointment today with M2 Salon in Morrisville NC for the absolute best in hair highlights and color services. We hope our breakdown of services helps you to determine the look desired for your hair. Margy Finegan would love to hear from you at appts m2salonnc.com or call at 919-257-9007!



Highlight Only Services are for clients who are looking to enhance their natural hair color. For example a natural brunette who wants subtle honey highlights around the face would be a Face Frame Highlights. A natural dark blonde who wants to be brighter in general would choose either the Partial Head or Full Head option. The Top & Face option is most likely a service to be alternated with either a Partial Head, Full Head or Entire Head. The Entire Head option is usually when a more extreme color change is wanted and the client chooses to have every surface area highlighted.

HIGHLIGHT SERVICES WITH BASE BREAK  (for Lightening the Base Color and Blending Highlights)

Highlight Services with Base Break are for clients who are looking for a brighter softer blonde. Many clients who were blonde as children but eventually became darker as adults love this service. They find themselves getting highlights less frequently and when their roots would come in they have a quick Base Break Color which extends the fresh feeling of newly highlighted hair. Partial Head with Base Break color is our most popular option in this category.

HIGHLIGHT SERVICES WITH SINGLE PROCESS COLOR (for Grey Coverage and/or Tonal Change with Highlights)

Highlight Services with Single Process Color are loved by many clients. Blondes with natural grey sometimes begin to look washed out with Highlight Only Services, adding the right amount of color at their roots is key. Brunettes who need grey coverage and like variation choose the Single Process with Face Frame or Top & Face option, often adding an Overlay (an Add On Color Service). Redheads often choose this option to add variation to their hair. Single Process with Face Frame Highlights, Face and Top Highlights and Partial Highlights are our most popular combinations in this category.


Base Break Color – A gentle color that is used to gently lift (lighten) the portion of hair that will not be highlighted. Combining a Base Break with Highlights creates a softer, blended blonde. The only time that Base Break Color is a stand alone service is when the client comes in for a quick visit in between a Highlights with Base Break visit to extend the feel of freshly done Highlights.

Single Process Color – If your goal is to achieve grey coverage or a significant tonal change, then an all over Single Process Color is for you. Our preference is to do some foil work with our Single Process colors for added dimension. You may want to think about choosing an option that combines Foil Highlights with a Single Process Color.

Overlay – When combined with Single Process Services it is done to either refresh faded ends or for a tonal change. With Highlights it is sometimes used to achieve a cooler color or with Highlights and Base Color it may be used to add various tones and depth.

Double Process Color – With a true Double Process Color the hair is pre-lightened and then that hair is colored again with a second color called a toner.


Lowlights – Most frequently an Add On Service, we find that Lowlights work best with Highlights or Highlights with Single Process Color Services. Lowlights however can be a stand alone service (in our appts online booking you would choose any of the Highlights Service option).

Overlay – When combined with Single Process Services it is done to either refresh faded ends or for a tonal change. With Highlights it is sometimes used to achieve a cooler color or with Highlights and Base Color it may be used to add various tones and depth.


Corrective Color is often a combination of various color services, most often combining Highlight Services with Single Process Color and other Add On Color Services like Lowlights and Overlays. Corrective Color Services can be very time consuming with the client needing to process two to three times, for this reason Corrective Colors Services are booked directly through Margy (see contact info below).


As a color expert I understand these choices can be confusing to a new client or to a regular client who has a maintenance schedule that requires alternating Color Services. I am  happy to help you choose the right Color Service. If you have ANY questions please email me at margyfinegan@me.com  or call me at 919-257-9007 and I will be more than happy to help!

Hair Highlight Color M2 Salon in Morrisville/Cary NC.

Curly Hairstyles M2 Hair Salon Morrisville

Curly Hairstyles M2SalonNC Morrisville – CURLS ARE IN!

Morrisville NC Hair Salons

Curls are back in this year!  After several seasons of straight and sleek hair styles, curls are making a come back.  If your hair is not naturally curly, a permanent wave from M2 Salon NC hair salon can help.  From gentle waves to spiral curls, hairstylist Margy Finegan can create the perfect amount of curl for the style you love.

Here are a couple of curly hairstyle suggestions:

Curly Hair – Medium Curly Bob. This shoulder-length bob on curly hair features angled layers that create a bouncy look and give shape to the hairstyle.

Curly Hair – Layered Waves and Big Curls. This haircut features long layers cut to accentuate the hair’s naturally large curls. The layers provide movement and make the curls appear bouncy.

Curly Hair – Long Layers and Loose Spiral Curls. This long haircut features very long layers and loose spiral curls.

Embrace a new curly hairstyle or just enhance an existing curly style. Contact Margy Finegan for a new haircut and look at M2Salon NC. Best hair salon in Morrisville and Cary area.


Morrisville and Cary NC Hair Salon M2 Salon– What are the hottest hair styles and hair color trends for 2013 and 2014?  Ask Margy Finegan, the hairstyle expert at the hottest Morrisville and Cary NC hair salon, M2 Salon!

Hair Salon Morrisville and Cary NC


OMBRE COLOR: One of the hottest trends this year is ombre color. Ombre color is a hair color technique where the upper part of the hair through the mid-shaft is colored a darker color while the tips and lower sections are colored with a lighter shade that will gradually blend upward into the darker hair color.

SIDE SWEPT STYLES:  Side swept hair styles with extreme side parts have been a huge hit on the runways this season.

SUPER SHINE:  Love this! Glossy hair is another popular trend.  Hair with super shine not only looks healthier, it reflects light for a beautiful touch.  Visit M2SalonNC for a clear glaze application to achieve this effect for your hair.

Go to M2SalonNC.com today and click on the appointments page to schedule time with Margy. Any questions just call her direct at 919-257-9007.