Spring 2013 Short Hair Trends

Women’s Short Hairstyles For Spring 2013 At Innovations Salon – Spring is finally here and if you are looking for a shorter look now is the perfect time to make your move!

Short haircuts spring 2013

A shorter hairstyle can work wonders for women of any age. Older women appear more youthful, with years taken off their appearance. Younger women can achieve a more sophisticated and polished look. But as this great picture shows, with a little texturizing product, the ‘tousled’ short look is just down right sexy!

From the pixie cut ( Charlize Theron & Halle Berry look fantastic) to the short cropped and angled bob, shorter styles are definitely having a Spring 2013 moment. When choosing a shorter haircut, remember that hair texture matters. Innovations Salon stylists offer a little advice on shorter hair options:

  • Women with wavy hair can more freely choose more layered cuts and razor techniques.
  • Women who have fine hair can add volume with a minimum graduation cut such as the bob look.
  • Curly hair should always be layered — avoid razor cuts and thinning shears.

Just make sure your look is achieved and styled by a professional for optimum results. Hit the link for Innovations Salon and schedule your appointment today.

Spring 2013 Short Hair Trends Innovations Salon Durham NC.