Long Hairstyles M2SalonNC Morrisville

Long Hairstyles M2SalonNC Morrisville – Whether you are going for a blunt or layered cut, you’ll love the versatility of lovely long hairstyles.¬† Long layers can give you a sophisticated and classy look, and are perfect for adding body, texture and control to all types of hair.


Despite the fad of sleek straight hair, wavy hairstyles enjoy enduring popularity and are one of the hot favorites amongst women with long hair. Several favorite celebrities wear wavy long hairstyles and look fantastic (think Shakira!).

A wavy hair style for long hair usually looks good on most facial structures. Whether you want a hairdo for a casual look or a party look, those gorgeous waves and curls can help you look your absolute best when styled.

For example. Get a beautiful long-hair look  with bouncy layers that add volume and extra style to an otherwise plain long hair style. These bouncy layers are a great way to add bouncy to your look, without having to compromise on length. Go for layers that start from the mid-level of your hair length, gradually coming down in scattered layers till the end. You can add the fringe for a funkier look. Goes great with wavy long hair.

Another great idea for long hair lovers looking for non drastic change: Keep the length as it is, but add a fringe to the side, a long one that comes down below the eyes. Combine this with a layer that comes till the chin, framing the face and drawing attention.

Embrace a new long hairstyle or just enhance your exisiting long hair style. Contact Margy Finegan for a new haircut and look at M2Salon NC. Best hair salon in Morrisville and Cary area.