How To Make Hair Color Last Longer

How To Make Hair Color Last Longer – It’s a fact that hair color does begin to fade after 4 weeks.


For those of us that enjoy getting our hair colored it’s something we deal with because hair dye loves to disappear. Luckily, learning how to make your hair color last longer might just be as simple as changing your shower experience.

And no, this does not replace your color safe specific shampoo purchased at M2Salon! That is still a necessity for healthy shiney hair. It’s about how long you actually keep your head under the water while staying in the shower. If you do have hair color that has a lot of vibrant color [think red] that you don’t want to fade, Aveda‘s Global Artistic Director for Hair Color Ian Michael Black said in a recent article, that standing under the water is your worst enemy.

“The best thing for hair color preservation is quick shampoos, and the worst thing for hair color is standing under the shower,” he wrote. “The water is what drags it out more than the shampoo.”

While it may feel good to stand under the hot water for ages, you’re basically just rinsing out your hair color with the product. “It the hair follicle fills up with water, the water then just kind of pulls it out. So when you stand under the shower for too long, it’s not good for hair color,” he pointed out.

And while we think lathering up and scrubbing is what it takes to get our hair free of dirt and product build-up, Black reminds us that it definitely does not take ten minutes to get a squeaky clean head of hair. On top of all that, you actually don’t need all that many bubbles!
“We’re all obsessed by lots of lather,” he says. “We actually don’t need that.” If you lightly wash, with little to no lather, you’ll realize while drying and styling your hair that tons of bubbles do not equate to clean. It is all psychological fuelled by those old shampoo ads 🙂

Please keep in mind, most sulfate-free shampoos actually are lather-free, and yes, still clean your hair. Besides cutting down your shower times, a quick trick is to skip the wash entirely and reach for the dry shampoo—a saving grace in preserving hair color and of course, blowouts.

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How To Make Hair Color Last